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Why us

The best early learning experience

Ankurum Public School, a distinguished preschool, stands as the epitome of the best early learning experience. Our commitment lies in crafting an enriching environment where each child's journey into education is marked by joy, discovery, and meaningful connections. With a team of dedicated educators, we prioritize fostering a love for learning through engaging activities and age-appropriate curriculum. Our tailored approach nurtures young minds, encouraging curiosity, creativity, and a strong foundation for future academic endeavors. At Ankurum, we believe that the best early learning experience is a harmonious blend of care, innovation, and exploration, ensuring that each child blossoms into a confident and inquisitive learner.

Holistic approach

At Ankurum Public School, our pre-school embraces a holistic approach, nurturing not only academic growth but also fostering the emotional, social, and creative dimensions of every child's development.

Passionate teachers

Our dedicated and passionate teachers at Ankurum Public School are the heart of our educational community, inspiring a love for learning and creating a supportive environment where each child can thrive and discover their unique potential.

Supervision to keep children

With vigilant supervision as our top priority, Ankurum Public School ensures a safe and secure environment, providing parents with peace of mind as their children explore, learn, and grow within our caring and watchful setting.


Play Group

Welcome to Ankurum Public School, a beacon of early education where every child's potential is carefully nurtured. In our Play Group, the foundation of learning is laid through interactive play, fostering social skills and a love for exploration. The curriculum is designed to stimulate young minds, emphasizing sensory activities and gentle guidance. At this stage, our three key focuses include instilling a sense of curiosity, building foundational motor skills, and creating a warm and engaging atmosphere for the little ones.



Moving on to Nursery, we blossom into a world where imagination takes flight. Our curriculum encourages creative expression, social interaction, and the development of basic literacy skills. Through story sessions and age-appropriate activities, we aim to cultivate a love for learning, enhance communication skills, and build a strong foundation for future academic endeavors.



As we transition to LKG (Lower Kindergarten), our focus sharpens on literacy, numeracy, and structured learning. Here, the three highlighted points encompass fostering a passion for reading and language development, introducing basic mathematical concepts through interactive methods, and promoting social skills through collaborative activities. LKG sets the stage for a more formalized approach to education while maintaining an environment of joy and curiosity.



In the final stage of our pre-school journey, UKG (Upper Kindergarten), the emphasis is on preparing children for the next chapter of their academic lives. Three key pillars guide our approach: honing cognitive and problem-solving skills, refining social interactions and teamwork, and instilling a sense of confidence and readiness for the primary school adventure. At Ankurum Public School, each class is a stepping stone in the comprehensive and holistic development of every child, ensuring they embark on their educational journey well-equipped and inspired.